There are several reasons why VLite enjoys the top spot among office furniture manufacturers in India. One of the most important reasons is the availability of a state-of-the-art production facility that has all the latest technology and advanced machinery to produce and supply the best quality office furniture on a large scale.

All the manufacturing work is done with the help of futuristic equipments to ensure superior quality and design for every piece of furniture we produce. From banding of edges, cutting of panels, post forming, boring, drilling and hot pressing of laminated products, everything is done in-house to make sure there is uniformity in the finished products.

Moreover, as a step towards preserving nature and our environment, we now use only particle board in creating our marvelous furniture pieces. As opposed to plywood, particle board is made from roots, branches, small plants and sugarcane waste which are not collected by cutting down trees. Particle board is also resistant to termites and borers as it is pre-treated with chemicals to stop them from destroying the material. In short, particle board is cheaper, denser, more resistant to termites, and stronger than plywood.

We also use only approved and standardized methods to produce our furniture, and have trained quality controllers who check and approve the manufacturing process from start to finish. In other words, when you choose us for your office furniture, you will not only get the best designs, but also the highest quality and durability that will ensure that your furniture looks and remains beautiful and intact for the longest time possible.