VliteFurnitech does not stop at making trendy and sturdy office furniture but also specialize in making office furniture accessories. We make office living easy for all its employees with the help of good looking office workstations, cabin tables, storage cabinets and all the accessories that go with it like printer trolleys, pencil drawers, keyboard drawers, CPU Trolleys, Stationery trays, etc.

VliteFurnitech is known to be a very well-known office furniture accessories manufacturer. We build premium quality accessories which are much needed in offices to keep office spaces organized, user friendly and well managed. The accessories that we provide are as follows.

Keyboard Drawer

Keyboard drawers or sliding keyboard drawers are easy attachments to simple looking office tables. Being a up to date office furniture accessories manufacturer, we at VliteFurnitech make metal sliding keyboard drawers where you can keep your computer keyboards. These drawers keep the tables free of clutter and prevent the keyboard coming in the way when you are working on the table. When the computer is not in use you can stow away the keyboard in the drawer and then keep the table empty. Such a drawer makes your office table multifunctional.

Pencil Drawer

When working in an office, pens, pencils and other stationery material is used in abundance. These materials need to be stored properly in a place on your office table where you can keep it handy and it is accessible when you need it. A pencil drawer is the right kind of office furniture accessories which you can undermount in your office tables. It slides under your table and blends in with your office furniture.

Stationery Tray

A clutter free desk or office table can be possible when you have a VliteFurnitech manufactured Stationery tray in your office. The tray has multiple sections which can store pens pencils and other stationery materials in an organized manner. You can place the tray in your table drawer, pencil drawer or simply on top of a chest of drawers beside your office desk.

CPU Stands

The CPU is the most important part of a computer and it needs to be placed well, in order to remain cool and functioning properly. We at VliteFurnitech manufacture metal CPU stands which are strong enough to hold the weight of the CPU and also are compact which can fit under your office desks easily. These stands have wheels where in if you need to move the CPU you can do it easily.

Printer Trolley

A small but very useful wooden trolley with wheels, is manufactured by VliteFurnitech to keep your printer and printer accessories safely. It is like a cart which also has storage facility to keep printer paper in. This trolley can be moved from desk to desk and is easy to transport. It holds the weight of the printer easily and enables it to function normally.

Office furniture accessories like the above mentioned are some of the specialties of VliteFurnitech and if you are thinking of setting up a new office, contact us for all kinds of furniture needs.


Length 480
Width 490
Height 100

2) Keyboard Drawer

Now you can turn a simple desk into a multi-functional work space with the help of our resourceful keyboard sliding tray. You can keep your desk empty and clutter-free, and get maximum space to do your work comfortably by simply installing a sliding keyboard drawer. This way you can improve the way your office looks and make your life easy, at the same time.


Length 585
Width 470
Height 85

3) CPU Stands

If you are looking for CPU stands in India, then VLite is just the stop for you. We provide versatile CPU stands for computers that will fit perfectly within your office space and help you perform your work faster, and more efficiently. All our furniture units are made from the best materials and are adjustable to a great extent so that you get maximum stability.


Length 250
Width 330
Height 560

4) Stationary Tray

Need more space on your desk to perform your work more efficiently? Then our stationary tray for desk is just the product you need! Now you can keep all your stationary items and pens in one place, simply by placing a stationary tray over your drawer units, and keep your desk free of all such items that can clutter your desk and make your office look messy.


Length 410
Width 225
Height 25

5) Printer Trolley

VLite provides flexible rolling printer trolleys which are ideal for holding your printer. A perfect storage solution, a rolling printer cart can also store papers and stationary items so that you don’t have to go very far to store your important stuff. Moreover, the smooth rolling mechanism will ensure that there is maximum mobility with minimum effort.


Length 540
Width 400
Height 560