Modular Office Workstations Furniture for Office

VliteFurnitech is a one stop shop for all kinds of workstation furniture. We have a large variety of products which every organization, may it be large or small, would want to get installed in their premises. Not only do our modular office workstations look trendy but are also strong, efficient and designed in the correct way to make working on them much easier. We excel in making high quality work surfaces, side tables made with metal and small partitions which are installed on common workstations.

Work Surface

May your office be a new startup with just limited number of employees or a large organization which is spread across multiple floors, it is mandatory that efficient working furniture be installed in it. Employees need to sit at their workstation for hours working on critical projects. Hence it is important that the workstation furniture is comfortable and multi-functional. Office spaces come in different sizes and shapes, hence we make office workstation furniture which is customized as per requirement of the client. We make work surfaces using subtle and pastel shades which do not overpower the professional look of the office. The work surfaces are made to not only provide a good look to the office space, but also be extremely useful for its employees. The workstation office furniture is customized at correct angles so that every employee gets his/her own privacy and is not disturbed during work. Also the height of the tables are such that no employee while sitting at it, faces any kind of physical pain. Correct posture is maintained when one sits at the tables.

Metal Side Tables

Some office spaces have odd angles where regular workstation furniture for office cannot be placed. Certain corners or walls where there is space to place just one sided table can be used to install our metal side tables. Conference rooms, meeting rooms and multiple other places in your office might have areas left vacant where modular workstations would not fit. You could install the metal side table which fit in perfectly with the rest of your office furniture. Such tables may have a capacity to seat 1-2 employees comfortably and also provide space to have small storage cabinets below it, just like the other modular workstations you have all around the office. These tables are also built with good quality metal and are low maintenance. They too have good looks as well as high functionality.


We at VliteFurnitech do not just make workstation office furniture, we also make all kinds of table partitions. We provide partitions which may be covered with fabric or just laminate or the entire partition can be made with glass. Good quality wood is used in making the partitions and then as per client requirement they are covered. We provide magnetic covering, laminate covering or even fabric covering as per requirement.  Partitions can be covered with soft boards or even white boards which make its extremely useful for employees. We also make glass partitions which is thick and gives a very professional look to the workspace. The partitions are provided with aluminumpaneling with gives them a very clean and classic look. When such partitions are used onmodern office workstations, they can be used for multiple purposes from both sides. A single partition can be used as a pin board, white board or even a magnetic board from both sides. This makes it highly efficient and much needed furniture requirement in any organization.

Get in touch with us to customize your office workstation furniture in the latest styles and trends of corporate world.