5 Quick Tips that Will Help You Design Your Office Space Brilliantly

Your office is more than just space where you and your employees work. It is representative of your company, in the way it looks and feels. More often than not, you and your business get judged by the way your office looks, especially by clients or customers. Which is why, you need to make sure that everything from the décor, interiors, and furniture is top-notch. If you are in process of setting up a new office or are planning to renovate an existing one, we’ve got some handy ideas for you to transform your workplace into something comfortable and exceptional. Here are 5 great tips that will help you furnish your office space brilliantly:

1) Comfortable Furniture Should Be the First Priority

Your employees’ comfort should be the most important thing to consider while choosing the furniture for your office. Since your employees will spend majority of their time at work on a desk and chair, it is imperative that you choose the most comfortable options for office.

The desks should be able to accommodate a laptop/computer screen and keyboard along with some personal items, and should still have ample of space for the employee to write or read from files. Moreover, the height of the desks should be such that they are neither too high nor too low for the employees.

Similarly, the chairs should be well cushioned, and should have a proper armrest. Plus, their height should be adjustable to suit individual employees. In other words, the chairs should be comfortable enough for the employees to sit for long hours without inducing a back or neck pain, and eye strain.

2) Best Colour Scheme for the Walls

Colours have the ability to affect the mood and productivity of the employees. So make sure you choose an appropriate colour scheme for your office to get maximum productivity out of your workforce. The best colours that can be used in an office environment are Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, and White.

  • Blue- Calms, and promotes a sense of trust, efficiency and communication
  • Red- Stimulates brain activity
  • Orange- Increases enthusiasm and boosts creativity
  • Yellow- Stimulates optimism and increases energy
  • Green- Decreases anxiety, promotes creativity and harmony
  • White- Induces a general sense of spaciousness and stimulates creativity

3) Introduce Some Green Plants

A dull and unimaginative office space can not only turn away clients but also affect the mood and productivity of the employees. One of the simplest ways of introducing some freshness and colour into your workplace is by installing some green plants. They can not only create a healthier environment, but also brighten the office with colours and fragrance. However, plants require some special care in order to thrive nicely, so make sure you provide them with adequate water and light, and maintain an appropriate temperature.

4) Decorate Individual Office Areas Depending on the Department

If you have a big office which is divided into different areas as per various departments or teams, then you can creatively decorate them based on the function of each department. For example, the finance team can have a money-themed backdrop, while the design team can have an artistic layout to keep the creative juices flowing. This way, your office will not only look fantastic, but will also make your employees feel at home within their respective work areas.

5) Keep Things Fun in Your Office

Long working hours mean that the employees spend majority of their time in the office, which in turn means that there is little to no time for them to indulge in any fun activities at home or outside. If you wish to keep your employees healthy and happy, then create a big or small recreational area in your office, depending on your budget and space. Include a pool table, video game console or gym equipments, so that your employees can easily de-stress by enjoying these activities and remain happy and healthy.