Metal Side Table

Metal Side Table

Have you filled your entire office floor with both side seating office workstations? However, have still got more employees to be seated. No need to worry as VliteFurnitech provides metal side tables which can be installed on the walls of the office and can be used by employees from one side. These tables are extremely convenient to be installed on the sides where there is enough place to have an employee work comfortably.

These metal side tables come in folding form as well, so whenever you feel you need that extra walking space, you can fold them and stick them to the wall, to clear out the area. You may or may not have storage cupboards installed along with it. It is your choice. They are not like other work stations wherein employees can be seated on both sides of the table facing each other. These tables face the wall and can seat employees only on one side. You could also have glass or other kind of partitions installed for the employee to use as white, board, magnetic board or even a pin board.

We at VliteFurnitech also make metal bedside tables which can fit in within your bedroom requirements. Classy yet very sturdy, these metal bedside tables make a perfect platform to keep your things at night, like your watch, mobile phone, night cream after you finish using it or even a small night lamp to help you read while lying down.

VliteFurnitech also manufactures round metal side tables which can be used as a utility table in your house or office. You could place it next to your couch in the living room or next to the window in the bedroom to sit beside and read a nice book. You could even use it as a table to keep office belongings in conference rooms or meeting rooms. Round metal side tables look very elegant and are extremely useful.



Height is 750mm.

Fabricated out of 25mm Chipboard finished with 1mm High Pressure

Laminate on top with Balancing Laminate.

Metal Side is made out of MS of 1.2mm thickness or a square legs 50X50mm.

Powder coated with a provision of enclosed Wiring.

Modesty Panel & Sides are made out of 18 mm Prelaminated

All the Edges are finished 2mm for top & 1mm for rest of the material