Every office workstation needs to divide the space on it, to accommodate multiple employees working on it at once and with their own privacy. This is where the officepartitions play a major role in dividing the workstations into small spaces for individual employees to use as their own personal space. These office dividers act as a small wall, not only between the employees but also their computers of writing tables. We at VliteFurnitech excel in manufacturing the perfect office partition walls to give optimum use of the workstations to each employee sitting at it.

The office screens and partitions usually are made with 2 thicknesses, either 32 mm or 60mm as per their usability. 9 mm wooden boards are used to make them durable and strong. The outer covering or the skin can either be covered with laminate of with fabric.

Two Uses of the Office Desk Partitions

  1. Can be used as a white board when the white glossy laminate is used to cover the partitions. White board markers can be used to write on these office partition systems and each employee gets his or her own personal space to jot down important things.

  2. Magnetic board can be used to form the outer skin of the office wall partitions, where in magnets can be used by the employees to stick their important papers to the dividers.

  3. Fabric of various colors, which matches the office décor, can be used to cover the modern office partitions in order to make it into a pin board.

We also make glass office partitions which do not have much functionality, however are very elegant looking and make the office space look classy and chic. The office glass partitions can either be etched or kept plain, to suit the standards of the office furniture and décor. Every office desk partitionshasaluminumpaneling, which gives it a more aesthetic look and finish. Also the manufacturing is done in such a manner that it enables electrical fixtures and switches to be fitted perfectly within the design of the panels.

VliteFurnitech is the leading office partition manufacturers and office partition supplier to offices all over India.

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Standard Widths (in mm)21057072587011801335149017802400
Standard Heights (in mm)75010501200135016502100240027003000

Partitions and doors are available with in full panels in following finishes.

  • Pre laminated board of 9mm thickness (on both sides).
  • Fabric cladded soft board of 12mm thickness (on both sides)
  • Glass of 6mm thickness in clear or tinted as specified.
  • Wood Veneer of 3.5mm thickness as specified.

VLite is one of the leading office partition suppliers in Mumbai. We provide two types of partitions with thickness- 32 mm and 60 mm. The partition is sandwiched by 9mm boards with appropriate materials to give strength, stability and other functional needs. The skin of the partition is made of two layers of 9mm thick MDF board covered with 1mm thick laminate or Fabric except where Glass is required. As per design magnetic / soft board and white marker board are provided. The partition panels can also be made with combination of fabric colours as per design. The magnetic board has an underlay of 28g GI sheet covered with appropriate fabric. Each magnetic board is provided with magnets to hold paper / documents in any position. The partitions panels are finished with Fabric / Laminate / Glass or in combination as per design. The Glass panels will have plain / etched MODI FLOAT Glass of 5mm thickness. All Modular office partitions and panels will be provided with Aluminum trimmings for Aesthetic appeal and color to the partition as per the Client’s/Architect’s requirements.
Cut outs to enable fixing switches and electricals can be provided as required by Client/ Architect.


Low height partition will be provided with box type skirting raceway for wire management, either along the base and/or at table 120mm, thickness of 62mm and will be fabricated out of in Aluminum sheet. There will be an open able cover on both the side for easy access to carry out electrical installments and maintenance. They will be approachable from both sides and will have channels for adjustment for floors. Box type raceway can be provided at table height.